How to Appreciate your Employees this Christmas

Catlin Thoms
4 min readDec 20, 2021

Some people believe that it is appropriate to give Christmas gifts to employees. Others believe that this is not necessary and can be viewed as a waste of money. When it comes to Christmas gifts for employees, there are pros and cons to consider. On the one hand, gifts can show your appreciation for your staff’s hard work throughout the year. They can also help to create a festive mood in the workplace and boost team morale. On the other hand, gifts can be seen as an unnecessary expense, and they may not be appreciated by everyone.

So, what is the right thing to do? Ultimately, it depends on your company culture and the individual preferences of your employees. If you decide to give gifts, you should personalize them for each employee, but try to keep the gifts modest in value.

Keep gifts appropriate and do not use gifts as an opportunity for any sort of romantic bribery or flirting. You risk crossing a line. If you choose not to give gifts at all because you don’t want to come across as extravagant, festive, or overly competitive with other companies, your employees will still appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it. In this case, let them know how much they mean to you through email or a short memo praising their work ethics.

If you are ready and excited, let’s discuss the plan for gifts to your employee during the holiday season, there are lots of ways for you to do it. You can use cash or check as gifts or you can give gifts in form of gadgets like iPhones, laptops, etc. However, if you want gifts that are more personalized, below are some great ideas:

  • Sweaters

You may think this idea is not special at all but believe me; sweaters have become a hot item among people who want gifts from an employer. There’s nothing wrong with giving sweaters as gifts because it’s one way of saying thank you to your employees especially those who work outside during their shift time. Plus, this gift has so many variations so there will never be a doubt that you can’t find gifts which suit your budget.

  • Scarves

If you are looking for gifts that have the same level of warmth as a sweater does but are less pricey than it, scarves are the perfect gifts for your employees. It’s one kind of gift that will suit all ages and also makes great Christmas gifts. The good thing about this gift is its ability to create an impact on everyone who receives it plus it shows how generous employers can be during holidays.

  • Customized Corporate Gifts

One of the most popular gifts among employers is personalized gifts because personalization shows that employers actually put some thoughts on gifts they are going to give. If you want gifts customized corporate gifts that will make your employees feel special, Color Block is the answer. You can personalize it yourself or ask their professional to do it for you; just make sure that gifts are creative enough so your employees won’t hesitate to tell their friends about you.

  • Books

As the job market today becomes more competitive, people want to develop their knowledge because they think reading books will give them an advantage over others. So if you want to give gifts with meaningful value, why not try giving books? This idea will show your employees that you want them to be successful in their personal as well as professional life. You can even choose specific books related to the industry they are working on.

  • Coupons

If you want to give gifts but don’t have much money, coupon gifts are the best way for you to do it. It’s not only cheap but also very useful and convenient. Plus, your employees will appreciate it if you give them coupons for their favorite stores or restaurants. Just make sure that the coupons don’t expire so they can use them anytime they want.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards have become a popular gift in recent years and there is no doubt why it becomes so popular. It’s because this gift is extremely flexible and you can use it anywhere plus it has no expiration date too which makes this gift an excellent option for employers. You can give them to every employee or just give your employees the first one as gifts because that will make them feel special.

  • Clocks

No matter how modern our world becomes, clocks never disappear from the face of the earth. And since it is still relevant today, why not try giving these gifts to your employees? They will love its traditional design plus your employees will be reminded about you whenever they see their clock. You can also choose different kinds of clocks depending on their style preferences.

So there you go! The list above contains different kinds of gifts employers can use as gifts for their employees during the holiday season.

Just remember to put some thought into it and your employees will feel loved and appreciated. Thank you for reading!