Types of Promotional Products for the Businesses-

Catlin Thoms
4 min readJan 18, 2022

Promotional products are used for advertising. A promotional product can be anything from a backpack to a beach towel! Promotional products are given out at trade shows, conventions, or special events. You can get promotional items personalized with your logo or any other design you want on them. There are many different kinds of promotional product companies that offer you promotional items to match your company’s promotional needs. Promotional products are a great way to get your promotional marketing out there, and they’ve been used for years by many companies!

Promotional items with logo
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There are different types of promotional products companies that offer promotional items in all price ranges so no matter if you have a large or small budget for promotional materials, they will have something that will work for you.

Here are the three different promotional product companies and promotional items they offer to their customers:

Picking promotional items with logo can be hard when it seems like there are so many promotional products out there! Here’s a list of promotional items to help you decide what promotional item(s) would best suit your needs.

Promotional pens

Promotional pens are promotional items that are great for promotional giveaways or promotional campaigns. Promotional pens are low-cost promotional products that people love to receive because they can use them and see your brand’s name on them! You can personalize promotional pens with your company logo, slogan, or custom design. People will be receiving promotional pens everywhere so this promotional item is a great promotional marketing campaign. People will be reminded of your promotional product every time they use the promotional pens you gave them, so many people will see your promotional logo over and over again!

promotional pens
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Promotional keychains

Promotional keychains come in all shapes and sizes! You can get promotional luggage tags, promotional bottle openers, promotional flashlights, promotional magnets, promotional cardholders, promotional money clips, promotional notepads with custom screen printing! Promotional keychains are great promotional items for any promotional marketing campaign.

Promotional keychains
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Promotional t-shirts

Promotional t-shirts are great promotional items to have for promotional giveaways or promotional campaigns because they come in so many different colors and sizes! You can personalize these promotional t-shirts with your promotional logo or promotional slogan printed on them. People will be wearing these promotional t-shirts everywhere, so this promotional item is a great promotional marketing campaign.

Promotional tshirts
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Promotional balls

Promotional balls are usually used to get people’s attention at promotional events because they’re bright and colorful! Promotional balls come in all shapes and sizes and you can personalize them with your promotional logo or promotional slogan. Many people will remember seeing promotional stress balls at promotional events and those promotional stress balls advertising your brand over and over again!

Promotional balls
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Promotional flash drives

Promotional flash drives are great promotional items because they can store a lot of promotional materials and data for you! You can personalize these promotional flash drives with your company logo and promotional slogan and many promotional flash drives come in different designs. People will be using promotional flash drives everywhere, so this promotional item is a great promotional marketing campaign. Many people will remember your brand’s logo over and over again while they’re using the promotional flash drives you gave them!

Promotional flash drives
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Promotional beach towels

Promotional beach towels are promotional items that are perfect for summer promotional marketing campaigns! You can personalize promotional beach towels with your promotional logo or promotional slogan. These promotional beach towels will be used by many people at promotional events, so this promotional item is a great way to advertise your promotional campaign.


If you’re looking for a promotional product that will be both useful and attractive, then we encourage you to consider the options below. They are all great choices with high perceived value because of their usefulness or attractiveness. These types of promotional products can help your business stand out from others in its industry as well as give customers something they will appreciate receiving — not just throw away!